York Railway Institute judo club visit

The club visited York jc and the session was taken by Dermot Heslop 7th dan, Club Coach Louise Dunsford took a team of players  to not only show the new players how other clubs train but to thank York for helping us start up by letting us share there equipment and suits etc. Louise presented […]

New Senior Class

Come Along 8-9pm every Tuesday pleased to announce the new senior class was a great success with two new members completing there first grading to 6th Kyu (red belt) congratulations to Rebecca and Graham Ord. We are hoping for a few more seniors next term to make sure we serve all areas of the community […]

Closed for the Summer!

Hi Guys I hope you all enjoyed last term and congratulations to all those that passed the grading. We are back September 5th same times as usual with our new amazing Senior class 8-9pm. Please look out for Exciting news coming up and a special visit to York Judo Club for the ‘Brian Jacks’ visit […]

*RESULTS* North Yorkshire Judo Festival 2017

Amazing results for knaresboroughs judo players, Luke,Oliver,Nancy,Joe and Thomas all entered the event and apart from Nancy and Joe it was there FIRST ever contest. The contest was one of the best organised events i’ve seen for this level. This event only gave a gold medal out to the winner and all the other players […]


“NEW ADULT SENIOR CLASS!” 6th June – 18th July £35 (paid up front/online) or £6 a session. We are running a 7 Week term to introduce judo to adults (16+) which will include throws, holds, strangles and arm locks.

First Gradings!

Fantastic turn out at the club, under 8’s class got bigger! We did a Sho and Junior grading today and everyone worked so hard over the last few weeks there could only be one result! YOU ALL PASSED! Emails will be sent to each player telling them what to do next. CONGRATULATIONS!

Name Patches!

AMAZING NEWS! They’re HERE! What you might ask, Knaresborough judo personalised back patches and club badge! look out for Joe and Nancy on Tuesday. I picked up a load of them this weekend and are yours for £5 a bargain i here you say, Thats how we roll in Knaresborough! If you would like your […]